In the frame of the RUS Service, regular training sessions are organised or supported for all kinds of users, including:

  • Training sessions addressed to limited groups of 20 to 30 people. The courses are prepared and given by members of the RUS team in the frame of face-to-face or virtual classrooms,during which the attendees are taught how to handle and process Sentinel data to tackle a specific issue;
  • External training sessions, also addressed to limited groups, but which are held by organisations external to the RUS service. The courses are prepared and given in this case by experts who will receive support from RUS for the allocation and the management of ICT resources.

In addition, RUS registered users can study the remote sensing theory at their own pace through our e-learning courses given by recognized experts, then check their progress using the corresponding questionnaires.

Should you want to subscribe to our training mailing list or should you intend to organize a training session with the support of the RUS service, please submit your query using our Contact Form.